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Yearly Open Workshop I.

A one-day open workshop have been organised in Hungary in Sept 2009 with a total of 41 participants, of which 27 were external researchers.


„InduStem” Comparative stem cell research in mouse and humans

9:00-9:35 Dr. Christian Freund: “Generation of iPS cell lines from human patient material”
9:35-10:10 Dr. Richard Davis: “Mouse pluripotent stem cell models of a human cardiac sodium channelopathy”
10:10-10:45 Dr. Olga Ujhelly: “Establishment and characterization of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells”
10:45-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-11:55 Prof. Zoltán Ivics: “Transposable elements as nonviral gene vectors”
11:55-12:30 Prof. Bruce Whitelaw: “Ovine iPS cells”
12:30-13:00 Poster presentation
13:00 Lunch– at Queen Elizabeth Hotel (GödöllÅ‘, Dózsa György út 2.)